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Joanne de Simone

Joanne de Simone is an author, film historian, poet, lyricist, and award-winning playwright. She is currently the host of "Notes & Notions from The Writing Desk" on LTV, East Hampton’s Public Access Television. Her film review column appeared in the Fire Island News from 1998-2003. Joanne has tutored in high school level English, and will teach a creative writing course for teens in Spring 2021 at Sag Harbor's Bay Street Theater. Joanne’s work has been published in various magazines, publications and film journals. She has published five books, most recently, a whimsical pocket-sized inspiration guide, Mating Habits Couples Guide A-Z. Joanne is a proud Board member of the Veronica Moscoso Foundation, with grass roots educational facilities in Ohio, Ecuador and Peru, and where she has lectured and has donated her YA books.

Joanne is a member of the Dramatists Guild, TRU, The English Speaking Union, Shakespeare Guild, Episcopal Actors Guild, Drama League, and FIJET (World Federation of Journalists and Writers). Joanne holds a B.A. from SUNY in Literature, Film and Creative Writing.



JOANNA V. BARBARO attended John Jay College of Criminal Justice and followed with a successful career in finance, in addition to being an Office/Operations Manager for a top NYC Real Estate Firm. Joanna has also assisted many companies throughout NYC with her niche in marketing and social media. For more than nine years, Joanna has been an integral part of The Writing Desk, Ltd., where she is Production/Stage/Casting Manager. She is currently creating an organic skincare line. 


Gloria Craig

GLORIA CRAIG is the Creative Director of St. Gabriel Street Productions, LLC, which she runs with Adriaan and Eli Van Stolk.  She has written thirteen dramatic works and won recognition for The Wisteria Party (Provincetown Theater Winter Reading Series); The Nation Magazine Discovery Award (semi-finalist) for poetry; Three Characters and The Speed of Light (funniest play, Village Playwrights); a children’s musical, The Return of the Pied Piper (lyricist, librettist), which was presented during Provincetown Theater’s  Family Week; and more recently, a literary acknowledgement for Wizard (Riant Theater at Theater of St. Clement, NYC).  Her new musical, The Two Husbands of Katherine of Aragon (original idea by Vernon Craig) is in progress. Publications include Dance View Magazine:“Isadora Duncan and The Bourdelle Museum,” and poetry contributions to The New Couple (McGee/ Taylor, Harper/Collins) and to Princeton Worksheets Poetry Magazine. Further productions include Car At Risk!; Lou de Bourbon and The Tower Of Death; Freud, Elizabeth Bowen and Mrs. Charles Black; The Drunken Guru; The City of Fear; American Lobster (homerus americanus); and THE KINGS TRILOGY: The King’s Ring, The Astronomer King, and The Archbishop and the King.



MARIA CURCIO, M.S., CCC-SLP, Speech and Language Pathologist, completed her undergraduate studies from Brooklyn College and received her Bachelor's Degree in Speech and Language Pathology and Audiology with minors in English and Education. She graduated from Long Island University with a Master’s of Science in Speech and Language Pathology. Maria is licensed in New York State and holds her Certificate in Clinical Competency from the American Speech Language Hearing Association. She has been providing therapeutic services for over twenty five years, primarily for school-aged children and teens. Maria has a passion for musical theater and music. She volunteers at local theater groups where her teenage boys have grown up performing. She is passionate about working closely with families, providing guidance for young performers who wish to get involved in community theater and/or pursue a career in theater arts.


Irene Hourigan

IRENE HOURIGAN is an alumnus of the famed Actors Studio, and has appeared in and directed more than one hundred plays in NYC, spanning five decades; she has also appeared in several short films. Irene currently enjoys honing her crafts as Creative Director at The Bretton Woods Players, Long Island, NY.


Eric Alexander Kuzmik

ERIC ALEXANDER KUZMUK can be seen acting in various venues around the city.  His most recent performances include emceeing for the 17th Annual Vigil 4 Peace & Ecology in Central Park, The Mad Women of Chaillot, It's Only a Play, The Brother, Moon Over Mangroves by Tenderbastard, and No No Nobel by David Cassidy. He has also played roles in To Be or Not to Be, Outward Bound, Not Now Darling, A Royal Mess, Moonlight and Magnolias, Wait Until Dark, Witness for the Prosecution, and Murder on the Nile. He is on the council (and a life member) of the Episcopal Actors Guild for all faiths and none. A graduate of Williams College where he minored in Theater Arts, he further honed his craft by taking courses in Scene Study at HB Studios. 


Andrew Rothkin

ANDREW ROTHKIN is an actor, writer, director and producer, serving as the Artist Director of White Rabbit Productions.  He spent many years working with students, pre-K through college, as an acting instructor and as an Artist-in-Residence, where Andrew taught social skills and/or academic curriculum through acting, improvisation, creative writing and/or creative movement, as well as leading Professional Development workshops with teachers and academic administrators. Some playwriting/producing highlights include Bubby’s Shadow (Winner, Outstanding Production of a New Drama Play, MITF Awards, 2008), Meredith’s Ring (Winner, Outstanding Production of a Short Play, Planet Connections Festivity Awards, 2009), and Hamlet Bound & Unbound (Winner, Outstanding New Script for a Short Subject, MITF Awards, 2012).  He is currently in postproduction for his first film, "Love Bites," a thriller-horror-comedy-drama short which he wrote and directed. For more information, please visit


Gloria Sangirardi Jung

GLORIA SANGIRARDI JUNG worked in the New York City Department of Education for thirty years. Her start was in a leadership program in the 70’s that used innovative group dynamics and weekend retreats as their method of achieving the focus on individual “I” through use of the group “we.”  During her time in education, she taught Health Education, using theater through Scenarios, a creative setting supported by working actors and directors.  She also taught various Physical Education courses, where she favored folk dance and tai chi. Gloria is currently an actress known for her roles in independent films, web series and original plays. She does “the work” and considers it all as a means to an end of a pursuit to fulfill her lifelong desire to be heard. She is also dedicated to keep moving and developing a balanced life. Life is an art that requires wisdom and humor. The chase is on. Find Gloria on FacebookTwitter; Instagram; and  Tumblr.  


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